Q: How do you charge for your services?
Once we have determined with you what specific legal services are required, we will inform you of what our charge will be. Some legal services, such as a real estate lawsuit, may involve work over an indefinite period of time. Such matters are usually handled on a fixed hourly-fee basis for which we specifically itemize our time and the work performed. In some cases, clients prefer that charges be based on a contingency outcome in which the fee is based on a share of the recovery. In all cases the charges for legal services are explained in advance so that the client can be assured of fair and honest treatment.

Q: Can you provide services outside of the Western North Carolina region?
Yes. Our attorneys are all licensed to represent clients throughout North Carolina. We also handle matters that involve parties and attorneys from other states.

Q: How do you handle matters that may be confidential?
We are ethically bound to keep client matters in strictest confidence and failure to do so could result in serious disciplinary action by the State Bar. We maintain rigorous procedures to ensure the confidentiality of records and documents, and we train and supervise our staff to protect all confidential information.

Q: What happens if I have an attorney, but want to change to your firm?
You are the person who decides what attorney is to handle your legal matter. If you wish to consult with an attorney in our firm regarding a pending legal matter in which you already have an attorney, we will discuss such matter with you consistent with our ethical obligations.

Q: Can you represent me if I’m in a legal dispute with one of your clients?
An attorney may not ethically represent two parties at the same time who are involved in a legal dispute between themselves.

Q: How do you decide which attorney is assigned to me, and can I choose?
Ultimately it is up to you to decide which attorney you wish to hire. Our attorneys focus generally on certain areas of practice and, while we often confer with each other and share opinions and perspectives, it usually is best to assign a legal matter to the attorney with the most knowledge and experience relevant to the matter.

Q: How much are your attorneys involved in NC and local bar organizations?
Our attorneys have regularly held leadership positions and been involved in legal and professional organizations on a statewide and local level.

Q: If notified that I am being sued or under police investigation, when and how should I get in touch with your firm?
The sooner, the better. The easiest way is to contact our office directly to arrange an appointment. It would be helpful to mention such pressing circumstances in scheduling the appointment.

Q: Can you give me legal advice or represent me over the telephone?
Yes, but only after an attorney-client relationship has been established. That usually requires an office visit, although it is sometimes possible to arrange for such an initial telephone conference in advance when it is not possible or practical for the client to come to our office.